Sharp 1.26-inch Memory LCD

Rich content. Ultra-low power consumption.

1.26-inch (diagonal) Memory LCD

The new 1.26-inch (diagonal) Memory LCD adds another Transflective option to Sharp’s Memory LCD product family. This high-resolution, dot matrix display delivers smooth graphics and the flexibility to support rich custom content. This makes it ideal for digital wristwatches and other small-screen applications where visual appeal needs to complement product functionality.

This module’s very low power consumption of < 15 μW (typical, with a static image) will deliver flexibility in your design’s power budget. You’ll also enjoy ease of integration with this elastomeric LCD, as no connector is needed. Just align it with a circuit board and make immediate contact.

LS013B7DH01 Part Detail Information

See your local Sharp Representative for Specification information

Size 1.26 inch
Pixel Format 144 x 168
Outline Dimension 24.88 x 33.00 x 1.64 mm
Active Area 20.88 x 24.36 mm
Dot Pitch 0.145 × 0.145 mm
Input Voltage 5 V
Interface Type 3 V serial
Reflectance 14.5%
Transmissivity 0.45%
Power Consumption* 60 μW
Operating Temp Range -20 to +70°C
* Typical, with static image