Sharp 4.4-inch Memory LCD

Rich content. Ultra-low power consumption.

4.4-inch (diagonal) Memory LCD

Our new 4.4-inch (diagonal) Memory LCD is ideal for applications such as Industrial Controls, as well as most other battery-operated devices that require an LCD with Landscape orientation. This Transflective monochrome panel features QVGA resolution. Its dot matrix display delivers smooth graphics and the flexibility to showcase rich custom content.

  • 4.4-inch (diagonal) HR-TFT Landscape Transflective Display (LS044Q4DH01)

LS044Q4DH01 Part Detail Information

Application Information (PDF)

Size 4.4 inch
Pixel Format 320 × 240
Outline Dimension 94.8 × 75.2 × 1.53 mm
Active Area 89.6 × 67.2 mm
Dot Pitch 0.280 × 0.280 mm
Input Voltage 5 V
Interface Type 3 V serial
Reflectance 17.5 %
Power Consumption* 250 μW
Operating Temp Range -20 to +70°C
* Typical, with static image