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Consider this page your one-stop resource for information about Sharp's Memory LCD technology and how to incorporate its advantages into your design. Click on the links below to explore video, audio, technical documents, and more.

The Switch Podcast

Be sure to check out Sharp's informative Podcast, "The Switch." Episode Three features Sharp's new Memory LCD. You'll hear more from Chris Frank, SMA Product Marketing Manager, and Ken Greene, Technical Support, about its ultra-low power, high-capability features and gain insight about how to incorporate the monochrome Memory LCD into your small-display designs.

To tune into previous episodes of “The Switch,” please visit

Sharp Video Resources

If you’d like to learn more about Memory LCD technology and how it might benefit your designs, this video is an ideal one-stop resource. The simplicity of integrating a Memory LCD into your product and design tips for implementation are also addressed.

Sharp's Memory LCDs
in Action

Whitepaper and Application Notes

Download these technical resources about Sharp's Memory LCDs, including an informative whitepaper and detailed Application Information.

Product Specific Application Information:


Download the Memory LCD brochure for on-the-go information about the new Memory LCD suite.

Media Assets

Following are additional resources that you might find helpful if you are a member of the media looking to cover Sharp's Memory LCDs. If you would like more information, or wish to schedule an interview with a Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas spokesperson, please contact our PR representative Karamy Muessig: or 503-750-9041.

Press Releases

"Always-on" Color Memory LCD is Ideal Graphic Display for Wearable Products

Smartphone with Sharp’s IGZO Wins Display of the Year Gold Award

Sharp’s Memory LCD Enables Secret Labs’ Ultra-Low-Power “AGENT” Smart Watch

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